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From August 1 to October 27, 2019 it is enjoying flowers again in the Bollenstreek. The summer flowers are in bloom during that period. In 2019 there will be a large number of activities organized around the summer flowers in the flower region of the Netherlands. Below are first our top 5 for the best summer flower activities.

Top 5 summer flower activities

From August 1 to October 27 there are various activities around the summer flowers of the Netherlands in the Bollenstreek. Below our top 5 activities.

1. Flower Tour summer cycle route – 35 km

If you want to enjoy the icons of the Bollenstreek for a day, then the summer edition of the Flower Tour is a must. This 35-kilometer route takes you through the dunes to the beach of Langevelderslag. You will also visit various flower bulb nurseries and show gardens where you can enjoy summer flowers such as the Dahlia and the Canna. The highlight is the Dahlia garden in the Keukenhof Castle Gardens.

On the bike or with a FunScooter

The route runs via the cycle junction network in the Bollenstreek and you can cycle by bike. No own bike? You can rent a bike at various locations. Don’t feel like cycling at all? Then rent an electric FunScooter and enjoy the beach, dunes and summer flowers in a super relaxed way.

The route can be viewed and printed above for free. You can also pick up the route at the tourist offices in the Bollenstreek and at many hotels, campsites and holiday parks.

2. Dahlia garden at Keukenhof Castle Gardens

Keukenhof Castle Gardens are already beautiful every summer and from the beginning of August 2019 until the end of October it is even more enjoyable on the estate. This year the Dahlia gardens are extra large and you can enjoy the beautiful summer flowers even more with Keukenhof Castle in the background. Access and parking is free.

3. Renault Twizy Dahlia GPS tour

Twizy GPS Tour

Experience the enchanting Dahlia flower fields at its purest! Enjoy the colors, the scents and park the Twizy at the indicated stops such as at one of the largest Dahlia flower fields in Europe, an authentic Dahlia flower nursery and the Dahlia show garden of Keukenhof Castle. The audio tour tells you all the ins and outs about the area and shares fun Dahlia facts. This GPS tour can only be booked from 1 August up to and including 12 October 2019. Price & duration: € 85 for a 3-hour GPS audio tour for 2 people.

4. Dahlia workshop at I Love Dahlia

Want to know everything about the beautiful Dahlia flowers? Then book a workshop at I Love Dahlia in Hillegom. During the 2.5-hour workshop you will learn more about the growth process of the Dahlia and pick your favorite flowers from the show garden. You then make your own Dahlia bouquet under professional supervision that you can take home afterwards. The workshop costs € 39.00 per person and is given on different days in August, September and October. We can give a 10 percent discount for visitors to Bollenstreek.nl.

5. Tulipfarm De Tulperij

Flower farm De Tulperij

De Tulperij is already beautiful in spring with flowering tulip fields, but from 2019 this cozy bulb nursery will also be open in the summer. The CNB Dahlia show garden provides a very colorful environment and the flower greenhouse is THE location for a delicious cup of coffee or tea. You can also go to De Tulperij for buying your spring flower bulbs. You can’t get any fresher. De Tulperij is open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM from August to October.

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