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Experience the Bollenstreek is now extra fun with the Twizy GPS tours. Discover the beautiful surroundings with the electric Renault Twizy and enjoy the feeling of freedom.

Flower Tour Renault Twizy

You feel, smell and experience where you are driving! The Twizy GPS tours is a unique experience with guaranteed attention on the road.

Renault Twizy

You drive the GPS tour with one of the tough Renault Twizies. This 100% electric and environmentally friendly vehicle has space for 2 people. The unique open and contemporary design of the Twizy gives you a unique feeling of freedom. The Twizy’s are equipped with GPS, so you can easily follow your route and receive tips about the area along the way.

Experience a nice tour

The GPS Tours with a Twizy take you to the most beautiful places in the Bollenstreek (Flower region). This way you can book a tour along the flower fields (both in spring and summer) and the beach and the dunes. A tour lasts 2 to 3 hours and you can start depending on the type of tour in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Available GPS Tours

Tulip & Bulb Fields tour / 120 minutes / € 85.00

The beautiful tulip fields speak to the imagination of many people. Experience this region as intensely as possible and off the beaten track and tour bus routes in the Renault Twizy! The colors, the scents … the flowers come very close. This GPS audio tour can be booked in 2020 from 28 March to 12 May. Price & duration: € 85 for a GPS audio tour of 120 minutes for 2 people.

Beach & dunes tour / 120 minutes / € 65.00

The dune and beach area is one of the most beautiful areas in the Netherlands. During this tour you will drive through nature, the sand dunes and along the ‘Vrijstaat’ Nederzandt. Feel the freedom! This GPS tour can only be booked from 14 February to 20 March and 11 May to 31 October. Price & duration: € 85 for a 2-hour GPS tour for 2 people.

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