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When are the flower fields in the Holland blooming?

when flower fields bloom

when flower fields bloom

Every week we get many questions about the flowering period of the flower fields in Holland. Although the bloom is of course dependent on the weather conditions, an annual pattern can be recognized. Bloom starts around the beginning of March every year. With the Flower Map you can follow the current flowering of the flower fields.

Bloom expectation 2023

11 May 2023 | On 14 May at 7.30pm, this amazing tulip season will come to an end. The tulip fields, meant for bulb production, are almost all cut at the moment. The rain of the past few days did cause some damage to the tulips. Fortunately, flowering tulips can still be found. The trees are green, creating the romantic atmosphere that suits the last weekend so well. There are also extra performances at flower park Keukenhof this weekend. With the sunny weather forecast, it promises to be a beautiful last weekend.

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Type of flower fieldAverage floweringExpected flowering*
Daffodil fieldsmid-March to mid-Aprillate February to mid-April
Hyacinth fieldsend of March to end of Aprilend of March to end of April
Tulip fieldsmid April to early May2nd week of April to 2nd week of May
Tulip Experience
23 March to 14 May23 March to 14 May
Tulip Barn1 April to 14 MayClosed
Dahlia show gardens12 August to 15 October12 August to 15 October

*Please note! The flowering of spring flowers depends on several factors. The weather and the moment the grower removes the flower from the stem influence the flower fields. At Keukenhof, De Tulperij, Tulip Barn and Tulip Experience Amsterdam the different weather conditions are taken into account and the flowers are not removed from the stems. As a result, the flowers at the flower attractions bloom throughout the season.

See the current blooms in the flower fields with the Flower Map

On the Flower Map, we keep track of where to find the most beautiful flower fields around Keukenhof. We update the map every week during the flowering period (March to May). From 12 August to 15 October 2023, you will find the most beautiful summer flower show gardens on Flower Map.

Average flowering of spring flowers in the Netherlands

Every year flowering starts about the beginning of March. Usually these are not the flower fields but the crocuses and daffodils along the roads and in gardens. At the end of March the flower fields start flowering. This is also the period that Keukenhof Flower Park opens.

Many different flower fields bloom in the Bollenstreek. Below we have described the ‘average’ flowering period for tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and summer flowers.

When do Daffodils bloom in Holland?

The first flower fields that bloom are mainly the daffodil fields. The yellow color is the main color in the Bollenstreek (Flower Region) from Mid March till Mid April. The Daffodil is becoming increasingly popular and the yellow fields are perfect for some nice flower pictures.

When do the Hyacinths bloom in Holland?

The hyacinth fields turn to color in Bollenstreek from the end of March to end of April. Main colors are white, purple and pink in the hyacinth fields. During the flowering period of the hyacinths, the Bollenstreek is also extra fragrant in addition to colorful. The smell of the hyacinths can then be smelled throughout the region. Some of the Hyacinth fields are picked around mid-April. The hyacinth flowers are used in the flower mosaic events and the Dutch Flower Parade.

When do the Tulips bloom in Holland?

Fortunately, from mid-April to early May it is the time that the Dutch icon the Tulips blossoms. The bright colors in red, orange, yellow, white and many combinations ensure beautiful photos. Dutch and foreign visitors love the blossoming tulip fields. From the beginning of May, however, the bulb growers will begin to head the tulip fields. They get the flower of the stem so the energy of the flower goes back into the bulb. These tulip bulbs can then be purchased from the end of September.

When do the flower fields bloom in summer

Keukenhof Dahlia Castle Garden

In the summer there are no tulips to be seen in the bulb-growing region. However, there are several locations where you can admire summer flowers. Especially the popular Dahlia flowers can be admired at several locations. A.o. in the castle gardens of Landgoed Keukenhof but also at various bulb growers and show gardens. The summer flowers bloom from mid-August until the beginning of October.

Where are the most beautiful flower fields to be found?

During the flowering period we will keep you informed with the Flower Map and on social media via Facebook and Instagram. Every week on Thursdays we give you an update on the most beautiful flower fields in the Bollenstreek that week and how to get there the easiest way. We recommend everyone to come cycling and walking in the Bollenstreek. Walking and cycling you will discover the flower region at its best and you will get to the most beautiful places.

A number of cycling and walking routes have been created specifically for the flowering period of the flower fields.

Own bicycle or rental bike

If you want to enjoy the flower fields, a bike is the best means of transport. With the bike you can easily discover the most beautiful fields over the polder roads. It is also easier to take a picture. You can of course bring your own bike but you can also rent a bike at Keukenhof. These rental bikes are very popular and if you want to use a rental bike at Keukenhof we recommend to book this in advance. More info on renting a bike

Blooming of the flowers at Keukenhof

Keukenhof gardens has a large variety of flowers from opening to closing (in 2023 from 23 March to 14 May). In the beginning of the season the flowering tulips can be admired during tulip shows in one of the pavilions. And due to good planting, the outdoor gardens are also colorful at Keukenhof from the beginning to the end. In our weekly flower update we also will show you the blooming at the Keukenhof flower park.

Our tips for visiting the flowers in Holland

Tips Bollenstreek

Enjoy Holland during your visit of the most beautiful holiday region of the Netherlands. View our tips below and come and enjoy.

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