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The flowering period will be in the Bollenstreek from 21 March to 19 May 2019. The flower fields bloom until the beginning of May.

During this period you can enjoy the blooming flowers in Keukenhof and at flower attractions such as Annemieke’s Pluktuin and Bollenburcht. We have developed a nice new cycle route where you will pass many beautiful viewpoints on the flower fields. The cycle route uses the recently renewed cycle junction network in the Bollenstreek. You can easily cycle from number to number. At most junctions you will find a large cycling map on which you can see exactly where you are. The cycle route is 30 kilometers long (approximately 2 hours of cycling). There is also time to undertake fun activities and there are plenty of them.

Nice (flower) attractions

Along this cycle route there are various fun activities where you can get off to take a look, for example, at a flower bulb grower, picking a bunch of tulips or visiting a museum. Below we give some tips per node.

Starting point Bollenstreek flowers cycle route

The cycle route is a circle and can be started at any junction. There are a number of handy starting points with free parking.

Bollenstreek Bloeit Fietsroute

Below we provide one or more tips for each node to experience

Node 49

Here you will find Keukenhof flower park. This park is open to visitors from 21 March to 19 May 2019. It is the perfect day in the Netherlands at its best. More than 7 million flowers are smiling at you.

This is a perfect starting point. You can park your car all day for just € 6,00

Buy your ticket in advance so that you can immediately enjoy all the beautiful things. Buy your Keukenhof tickets online and avoid a queue

Node 91

If you cycle between junctions 29 and 91 you will drive through the center of Lisse. This cozy center is characterized by the many shops and restaurants with terraces. Museum De Zwarte Tulp is also located in the center. You will also find the tourist office (VVV) in this museum. Unique is the flower menu of Restaurant De Vier Seizoenen on the Dorpsplein. The flower dinner fits perfectly with a day dedicated to flowers.

Node 57

At junction 57 you can make a trip to junction 41. After 300 meters you can already see the reason for this excursion. ‘t Huys Dever is a so-called residential tower or keep. Free to visit every afternoon from Wednesday to Sunday.

Node 55

Hotel Restaurant De Engel is close to junction 55. You cycle 300 meters in the direction of junction 54 and turn right on the Heereweg. You will find the restaurant after 200 meters. You can park here for free and this makes it an ideal starting point for the cycle route. But also if you want to enjoy a delicious lunch, this is a nice address. If you do not have a bicycle, you can also rent a bicycle here.

If you cycle further from junction 55 to junction 58 you can pass flower nursery De Tulperij. Enjoy the unique atmosphere in the greenhouse and the enthusiasm of the owners. Make the most beautiful selfies and enjoy a coffee with a stroopwafel on the terrace.

Node 58

At junction 58 you are close to the Bollenburcht. This new attraction is definitely worth a visit. From the junction you drive 200 meters in the direction of Sassenheim and you are there. In and around an authentic bulb shed there is a lot to experience around bulb flowers. There is a show garden, a picking garden and since 2017 the beautiful panorama ‘The Blue Tram’ can be admired.

Node 80

The center of Noordwijkerhout is located at junction 80. The Witte Kerk is in the middle of the village square where you can enjoy a delicious ice cream. Also recommended is the cozy VVV shop where they can tell everything about the area.

Node 18

After a wonderful trip along the flower fields, you naturally also want to bring your own flowers. That is possible at Annemieke’s Pluktuin. You pick the most beautiful organically grown tulips here.


Do you want to enjoy the flowering bulb region for longer than a day? Then look here for an overview of the many accommodation options:

Tips Bollenstreek

Enjoy Holland during your visit of the most beautiful holiday region of the Netherlands. View our tips below and come and enjoy.

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