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Come enjoy the beautiful summer flowers in the Netherlands during the Dahlia Festival from Saturday, August 10th to Sunday, October 13th, 2024. Discover the most colorful flowers in various show gardens, all connected by the Bollenstreek Flower Route. This 35-kilometer bike route takes you along the beach, through the dunes, and through the charming flower villages of Lisse and Noordwijkerhout. Additionally, there are various sightseeing tours available, both individually and in groups. Experience the beauty of dahlias and the unique surroundings!

Dahlia Festival Activities

From 10 August 2024, it is time for the most fun summer flower activities during the Dahlia Festival. In recent years, the versatile Dahlia summer flower has grown tremendously in popularity. This is partly due to the attention the photogenic flower gets on Instagram, TikTik and other popular social media. This popularity is also reflected in the number of show gardens and Dahlia flower events in the Bulb Region.

Cycling on the Bollenstreek Flower Route | 35 km

An important thread during the Dahlia Festival is the 35-kilometre cycling route Flower Route. This route takes you along beachdunes and various dahlia show gardens in the Bulb Region. You will also enjoy magnificent monuments and the cosy villages Noordwijkerhout and Lisse. Highlights include the dahlia garden in the Castle Gardens of Keukenhof and a visit to the dahlia show garden at De Tulperij.

Guided bike tour along the summer flowers

Of course, you can cycle the Flower Route with your own bike. Don’t feel like bringing your own bike? Then hire a bike from one of the cycle hire companies in the Bollenstreek. There is also a possibility to do a bike tour accompanied by a local guide. This bicycle tour includes a rental bike and a guided tour at Tulip Farm De Tulperij.

Guided bike tourPrice
Adults (12+)€ 39.50Book now

Children aged 1 to 5 years (9 – 22 kg) can travel in a child seat upon request. Follow the instructions after booking.

Tulip Farm The Tulperij

In spring, the Tulperij is already a beautiful place with flowering tulip fields, but this cosy bulb farm is also open during the Dahlia Festival. In summer, the large CNB Dahlia show garden provides a very colourful environment in the flower greenhouse and on the terrace you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea. You can also join one of the Dutch or English guided tours, there is a dahlia picking garden and a scavenger hunt for children. You can also come to De Tulperij to buy your tulip bulbs. You can’t get them fresher than this. In short, there is lots to do at De Tulperij this summer!

The Dahlia excursion costs €7.95 p.p. Children aged 4 to 12 pay only €4.95 and this includes a treasure hunt. Book here the starting times (reservations are required).

De Tulperij will be open from 8 August to 10 October 2024. Opening hours Monday to Sunday: 9.30-17.00.

Dahlia Gardens at Keukenhof Castle

The Keukenhof castle gardens  are already stunning every summer, and from 10 August to 13 October 2024, there will be even more enjoyment at the estate. Indeed, during the Dahlia Festival, the dahlia show gardens will be in full bloom on the estate. This year, the dahlia gardens are extra large, so you can enjoy the beautiful summer flowers even more with Keukenhof Castle in the background. Visiting the dahlia gardens on the Keukenhof Estate is free. Parking is also free!

Renault Twizy Dahlia GPS-Tour

Experience the enchanting dahlia flower fields at their best! Enjoy the colours, the scents and park the Twizy at designated stops such as one of the largest dahlia flower fields in Europe, an authentic dahlia flower farm and the dahlia show garden at Keukenhof Castle. The audio tour tells you everything you need to know about the area and shares fun dahlia facts. This GPS tour can only be booked from 10 August to 13 October 2024. Price & duration: € 85 for a 3-hour GPS audio tour for 2 people. Check availability of the Twizy Dahlia Tour directly below.

FBT dahlia show garden at The Tulip Barn

During the Dahlia Festival 2024, the FBT dahlia show garden will be on display at Zilkerbinnenweg 78 in de Zilk. The dahlia flowers will be on display from 10 August. With the Bollenstreek flower route you can easily cycle to this show garden.

Electric scooter tour along the summer flowers

Elektrische scooter verhuur Noordwijk

It is impossible to imagine the landscape of the Bollenstreek without electric scooters. Not surprising because the silent electric scooter lets you enjoy the beach, the dunes and the beautiful Dahlia show gardens in a sustainable way. The electric scooter also lets you ride through the dunes, which makes an e-scooter ride extra special. You can also ride the Flower Route on the electric scooter and enjoy cruising along all the colourful dahlia show gardens.

Events during the Dahlia Festival

Dahlia Festival evenementen
Dahlia Festival 2024 Evening Events

During the period of the Dahlia Festival, there are many flower-related events in the Bollenstreek area.

In addition to these events, there are many other events during the summer, such as tourist markets and the various festival weeks with fairs in the onion-growing area. Check our calender for the best events.

Hotel during Dahlia Festival 2024

Hotel de Duif Lisse Keukenhof
Hotel de Duif Lisse Keukenhof

During the Dahlia Festival there are so many activities in the Bollenstreek that the day is actually too short. Especially if you want to combine your visit with the beach, the dunes and a visit to one of the historic towns of the Netherlands. So come and enjoy the Bollenstreek for more than just one day. Choose a hotel near the beach or a hotel near the dahlia show gardens.

See the dahlia show gardens on Flowermap.nl

Want to know exactly where the show gardens are? From 10 August 2024 you will find them all on the flowermap.nl below.

Tips Bollenstreek

Come and enjoy between beach and city and discover Holland from the most beautiful holiday region of the Netherlands. View our tips below.

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