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Discover the versatility of the Bollenstreek with the Holland bike route. Cycle 35 kilometers along the beach, the extensive dune area and of course the spring or summer flowers.

The Bollenstreek is world famous for the spring flowers such as the tulip, the daffodil and the hyacinth. But also in summer beautiful flowers can be admired in the region, such as the dahlia and the canna. With this Bollenstreek cycle route you will discover the flowers at their best and also enjoy the unique dune area and the beach.


There are many highlights along the cycling route in both spring and summer. From the flowers of the season, the beautiful dune area, the wildlife to visiting beautiful estates. Below you will find more information about the highlights along the route.

The cozy Noordwijkerhout is a must in both spring and summer. The many restaurants around the White Church are ideal for a culinary treat.

Enjoy the beautiful dune area. Forests and open plains alternate. You can immediately smell the delicious and healthy sea air.

At Langevelderslag you can relax and enjoy the wide Dutch beach. There are several nice restaurants where you can enjoy a delicious ice cream, a pizza, traditional fries and much more.

Take a good look around you because there are many wild animals in the dune area. Deer, rabbits and foxes.

The FBT show garden is highly recommended in both spring and summer. In the spring, spring flowers such as the daffodil, tulip and daffodil bloom in the show garden. In the summer months it is close to the versatile dahlia summer flowers. Entrance is free and fun photos are guaranteed.

Here you will find Keukenhof flower park. This park is open to visitors from March 21 to May 10, 2020. It is the perfect day in the Netherlands at its best. More than 7 million flowers smile at you.

Buy your ticket in advance so that you can immediately enjoy all the beauty. Buy your Keukenhof tickets online and avoid a queue.

Keukenhof is also ideal as a starting location of the route. You park your car for € 6.00 per day. You can also buy a parking ticket online.

Keukenhof Castle Gardens are located opposite the famous flower park. The estate consists of several gardens, including a dahlia garden in the summer months. The LAM museum is also located on the estate and there is a nice petting zoo. Entrance and parking is free.

If you cycle between junction 29 and 91 you drive through the center of Lisse. This cozy center is characterized by the many shops and restaurants with terraces. Museum De Zwarte Tulp is also located in the center. In this museum you will also find the tourist office (VVV). The flower menu of Restaurant De Vier Seizoenen on the Dorpsplein is unique. The flower dinner is perfect for a day dedicated to flowers.

Learn more about the tulip and the Bulb Region at Museum De Zwarte Tulp.

The St. Agatha Church is also called the ‘Cathedral of the Bulb Region’. The church dates from 1903 and was designed by Jean H. van Groenendaal. The church is co-financed by bulb growers, which can be seen in the drawings with bulb flowers on the walls of the church.

‘T Huys Dever was built shortly after 1375 and is a so-called residential tower, also known as a’ donjon ‘. In the coastal region, Dever is the only surviving keep. After a period of decline, a group of friends decided to rebuild ‘t Huys Dever. Anyone who steps in now finds himself back in a medieval fairytale!

‘t Huys Dever can be visited free of charge on Wednesdays to Sundays from 14:00 to 17:00.

If you cycle further from junction 55 to junction 58, you will pass flower bulb nursery De Tulperij. Enjoy the unique atmosphere in the flower greenhouse and the enthusiasm of the owners. Take the most beautiful selfies and enjoy a coffee with a stroopwafel on the terrace.

Starting point Bollenstreek cycle route

The Bollenstreek cycle route is a round and can be started at any junction. There are a number of handy starting points are Keukenhof Flower Park, the center of Noordwijkerhout and the center of Lisse.

You can also start at Hillegom train station and Sassenheim train station.

Be surprised

The tips above are just a small selection of all the beauty you will encounter along the way. Enjoy and be surprised.

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