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Cycle past the most beautiful and colourful spots of the Bollenstreek with the Bollenstreek Flower Bike Route. This 35-kilometre cycle route lets you enjoy the beach, the vast dune area and, of course, in spring you cycle past the beautiful tulip fields and in summer you discover the versatile Dahlia show gardens and summer flowers.

About the Flower Route

Fietsverhuur Lisse

The Bollenstreek is world-famous for the flower fields that bloom every spring with flowers such as the tulip, the daffodil and the hyacinth. But did you know that the Bollenstreek also has many kilometres of beaches and that the region is rich in beautiful natural areas? Discover it by bike with the versatile Bloemenroute.

The Flower Route can be cycled in spring from 21 March to 12 May 2024. And in summer, during the Dahlia Festival, the Dahlia show gardens along the flower route are in bloom. The Dahlia Festival starts in 2023 on Saturday 12 August and lasts until Sunday 15 October. Several other summer flowers such as sunflowers, cannas and tigridias also bloom.

Highlights & rest stops

Keukenhof flower park lies along the Flower Route

There are many highlights along the cycle route in both spring and summer. In spring, the tulip fields are the highlight of the route but there is much more to see in the Bollenstreek. The beautiful dune area, wildlife and visiting magnificent country estates complete your cycling experience in the Netherlands.

  • Visit the cosy flower villages of Noordwijkerhout and Lisse
  • Getting a breath of fresh air on Langevelderslag beach in Noordwijk
  • Explore the unique Dutch Dune area and look for deer, foxes and rabbits
  • In spring, enjoy the tulips at the (tulip) attractions: Keukenhof, The Tulpery, Tulip Experience Amsterdam, The Tulip Barn, Show Garden FBT, Museum The Black Tulip,
  • In summer, enjoy the Dahlias at the (flower) attractions: The Tulpery, Show Garden FBT at The Tulip Barn, the castle gardens at Keukenhof Estate and Henk van Eeuwijk’s dahlia show garden.
  • Go back in time at the historical monuments: Keukenhof Castle, Teylingen Castle, ‘t Huys Dever and St. Agatha Church

When do which flowers bloom?

Flower fields at Keukenhof

The landscape of the Bollenstreek changes enormously throughout the year. From the colourful flower fields in spring to the Dahlia show gardens in summer. We always recommend cycling the Flower Route in both spring and summer. You will be surprised at the versatility of the most beautiful flower region in the Netherlands. Below you can read which flowers you can admire along the Flower Route and when.

  • Tulip Festival: 21 March to 12 May 2024
  • Dahlia Festival: 12 August to 15 October 2023

Spring route

In spring, the flower fields bloom with daffodils, hyacinths and tulips from late March to early May.

Summer route

In summer, during the Dahlia Festival, there are beautiful Dahlia show gardens along the Flower Route. These summer flowers bloom from mid-August to mid-October.

From early March to early May, we give a weekly update on the flowering of the flower fields.

Flower Map | See the blooms in the flower fields with our Flower Map. Also see the flower attractions, places of interest, car parks and bike rentals. View our Flower Map here

Directions + download

The Flower Route uses the handy cycling junction system. This allows you to cycle easily from node to node. The route below shows the spring attractions. However, the summer version is the same route and passes by the various summer flower attractions.

View route and flower attractions on

For an up-to-date list of open flower show gardens, check out the Flower Map below.

Starting points cycle route & parking

This Bollenstreek cycle route is a round trip and can be started at any junction. Your start location depends on whether you cycle on your own bike or want to hire one.

Own bike

The Bollenstreek is very easy to reach by car. Because of its central location in the Randstad, you can be at one of the starting locations of the Bloemenroute in half an hour from the major cities. If you have your own bike, you can park at the following start locations:

Start location own bikeParking charges
Keukenhof flower park€ 6.00 per day (only in spring and in combination with admission to Keukenhof)
The centre of NoordwijkerhoutFree, note some locations have a blue zone.
The centre of LisseFree, note some locations have a blue zone.
The beach at Langevelderslag in Noordwijk€ 10.00 per day

Rental bike

huur een tandem fiets
rent a tandem bike

Several bike and scooter rental companies also operate along the Flower Route. At many locations, you can park for free and rent good quality rental bikes or an electric scooter. For extra convenience, you can also rent an electric bike and, of course, for extra fun, rent a tandem.

Travelling by public transport? Then take the special Keukenhof buses to the flower park and tulip fields. Please note that these special bus lines only run in spring.

Start location rental bikeParking charges
Keukenhof Bike Rental (no e-bikes)€6.00 (spring only)
Lemonbike Bike Rental Lisse (bicycles & scooters)free for visitors of Lemonbike
Rent a Bike van Dam NoordwijkerhoutFree
Lemonbike Bike Rental Noordwijk (bicycles & scooters)Free
Have Fun Events (Electric scooters)Free
E-Scooter rental Noordwijk (Electric scooters)Free

Starting from Noordwijk, Katwijk and Zandvoort

From several Dutch seaside resorts, you can also cycle quickly and easily to a junction on the Bollenstreek Flower Route.

Hotel, b&bs and holiday parks along the Flower Route

Autoroute bollenvelden

Enjoy the flowers, beach and dunes for longer? There are great hotels, b&b and holiday parks along the Flower Route. Check out our accommodation tips for a great holiday among flowers.

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