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Are you looking for a unique outing for your family, family day or company outing? Then hire a tandem bike and combine cycling with the double pleasure of a tandem.

Why rent a tandem bike?

With a tandem bike, you can turn a cycle route into an adventurous day out. Cycling on a tandem is very comfortable and, because you are pedalling with two people, less tiring than on a single bike. It is also a lot of fun. Try to hold back the laughter when you sit on the tandem for the first time. It is one of the nicest ways to discover the beach, the dunes and the flower fields in the Bollenstreek.

Different tandems

There are different types of tandems for rent. This means that there is a suitable tandem for everyone. There are also special tandems like the Parent-Child tandem for rent. Ideal for an unforgettable family outing.

Classic tandem bike

Rent a classic tandem

Do you want to cycle actively? Then the classic tandem is the way to go. Because you are cycling with two people, cycling on a classic tandem is easier than on a normal bicycle. The tandems pedal easily and usually have several gears.

Electric tandem bike

Elektrische tandem huren
Rent an electric tandem

If you like convenience, the electric tandem might suit you better. The same fun as the classic tandem but with the convenience of an electric bike. The electric tandem also has gears.

Parent-child tandem bike

Ouder kind tandem huren

Are you looking for a unique family outing? Then the parent-child tandem is the perfect choice. The children sit in front on the lower saddle and can cycle along. The parent sits at the back and thus has a good overview of the child and the environment. The parent-child tandem is suitable for children from 4 to about 12 years of age.

Electric parent-child tandem

Don’t feel like cycling as a parent? Then the parent-child tandem is also available for hire in an electric version.

Where can you rent a tandem?

In the Bollenstreek (bulb region) there are several bike rental locations where you can rent a tandem. Below, we have listed the bicycle rental locations and the range of tandems.

Tandems must be booked in advance,

Rent a Bike van Dam in the centre of Noordwijkerhout offers a wide range of rental bikes. Below is the range of tandems.

Soort tandemHuurprijs per dag
Classic Tandem€ 27.50Book now
Parent / Child Tandem€ 27.50Book now

Bij Fietsverhuur Noordwijk Lemonbike huur je de beste kwaliteit fietsen tegen de beste prijs. Ze verhuren veel verschillende soorten tandems. Ze verhuren hier ook elektrische scooters.

Soort tandemHuurprijs per dag
Classic Tandem€ 24.00Boek nu
Electric Tandem€ 38.50Boek nu
Parent / Child Tandem€ 24.00Boek nu
Parent / Child Electric Tandem€ 38.50Boek nu

Lisse is an ideal location for a cycle route along the tulip fields around Keukenhof. Bike rental Lisse Lemonbike is therefore open from the end of March to the beginning of May.

Type of tandemRental price per day
Classic Tandem€ 24.00Book now
Electric Tandem€ 38.50Book now
Parent / Child Tandem€ 24.00Book now
Parent / Child Electric Tandem€ 38.50Book now

What does it cost to rent a tandem?

Renting a tandem is a great way to experience a perfect day out. It is also an inexpensive day out. For a tandem you pay about € 25.00 for a whole day. So this is only € 12.50 per person. Above are the rental prices per day.

Is it easy to cycle with a tandem?

Cycling on a tandem takes some getting used to in the beginning. But anyone who can cycle can also ride a tandem. Because of the double pedalling power, it is easier to cycle a distance. The tandems also have gears to make cycling even easier.

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