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The Bollenstreek is in bloom in the spring. Keukenhof flower park has been opened and around the flower park in Lisse there are many colorful flower fields.

The many tulips, hyacinths and daffodils guarantee a wonderful spring feeling. With the Keukenhof walking route you can optimally enjoy all this beauty. Of course a visit to Keukenhof is part of it, but we definitely advise you to view the area.

The route is almost 20 km but can also be split into two separate walking routes. You walk along the flower fields and the most beautiful estate of Keukenhof Castle.

Keukenhof walking route

The Keukenhof walking route is easy to walk through the new walking network of bulb regions. This makes it easy to follow the numbers and the route is easy to follow. Click on the image below for the PDF of the walking route.

Keukenhof Wandelroute-01

Some parts of the walking route go through the country of the relevant bulb grower. The board of this hiking network has specifically requested and received permission for this. It is NOT the intention to walk through the rows of flowers, but simply to keep following the “path”. Unfortunately, there are people who think they should pass others in between the rows. Do not, therefore, the owner is not happy with this and withdrawal of the permission may be lurking. This would be a shame.

Bollenstreek walking network

The new Bollenstreek walking network is a junction system that is comparable to the system for cyclists. In the Bollenstreek hiking network, in addition to normal hiking trails, areas have also been made accessible where you would not normally go for a walk. For example, you can walk among the cows in meadows or along the colorful flower fields.

Overnight stays

Do you want to optimally enjoy the Bollenstreek. Then book an overnight stay. There is a lot of choice. From locations by the sea to cozy b & b’s close to the flower fields. Look here for accommodation options.

Hotels in the Bollenstreek

Tips Bollenstreek

Enjoy Holland during your visit of the most beautiful holiday region of the Netherlands. View our tips below and come and enjoy.

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