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At Langevelderslag beach you can enjoy the wide family beach and the unique extensive dune area between Noordwijk and Zandvoort. Throughout the year there are many activities for young and old and parking is easy and inexpensive on the large car park.

The journey to the dunes and the beach at Langevelderslag is an experience in itself. A 2-kilometre drive through the beautiful dune area brings you to the beach entrance. From Langevelderslag you can go to the wide family beach, but you can also explore the dunes.

The wide beach is known as a relatively quiet beach compared to the busy beaches of Zandvoort and Scheveningen. There are many activities and there are also several catering establishments.

Playground Speelzandt

As soon as you walk from the car park to the beach entrance, you pass the large Speelzandt playground. This playground is a lot of fun for the children. You do not have to pay an entrance fee.

Walking and cycling

From Langevelderslag you can take beautiful cycling and walking routes through the dune area and over the beach.

Restaurants at Langevelderslag

Langevelderslag beach does not have any beach pavilions situated on the beach. The beach entrance does have catering establishments where the holiday feeling is central.

Beach bed rental

There is no beach pavilion on the beach itself. However, you can rent beach beds, windbreakers and other beach equipment. This can be done at Longfield Rentals.

How to get there?

By car

A big advantage of the beach at Langevelderslag is the large car park. You can park easily and inexpensively. Are you coming by bike? Then there is a large bicycle shed where you can leave your bicycle for a small fee under surveillance.

By public transport

If you travel by public transport, the beach at Langevelderslag is not recommended. The nearest bus stop is about an hour’s walk away. It is better to travel by public transport to the seaside resorts Noordwijk Beach, Katwijk Beach, Zandvoort Beach or Scheveningen Beach.

Meer over Langevelderslag

Tips Bollenstreek

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