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From the bulb fields you can already see that Lisse has many churches. The highest tower is that of the St. Agatha church located in the center of Lisse. This church is also called the Cathedral of the Bollenstreek and is certainly worth a visit.

The St. Agatha church is located in the center of the village center of Lisse, also known as the “Cathedral of the Bulb Region” due to its size and appearance. The church dates from 1903 and was designed by Jean H. van Groenendael. The church naturally also has a bulb history; the church is co-financed by the bulb growers in Lisse, which is reflected in the unique drawings with bulb flowers on the walls of the church.

Cycle route

The St. Agatha church is a nice stop during a cycling route through the Bollenstreek. The church is also included in both the spring and summer edition of the Flower Tour cycle route. More information:

  • Summer – Flower Tour – August to October
  • Spring – Flower Tour – late March to early May

Opening times St. Agatha church

You can walk into the Agatha Church daily from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to relax, light a candle or simply enjoy the beauty of this church.

Entrance fee St. Agatha church

The church is free of charge. Of course there is the possibility to make a voluntary contribution for the maintenance of this beautiful church.

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