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Keukenhof Flower Gardens is world famous for the many tulips that bloom in the spring. What many people do not know is that the flower park is part of a much larger estate, namely Keukenhof Castle Estate and that this estate has beautiful castle gardens that can also be visited free of charge throughout the year.

The Keukenhof Castle estate has more than two hundred hectares of forest, meadows and beautifully landscaped castle gardens. More than eighteen monuments can be found in the historic area. Walking through the beautiful gardens you will encounter many works of art, which makes every walk special.

Keukenhof Dahlia Dagen
Dahlia Castle garden on the Keukenhof Estate

Summer flowers in the castle gardens of Keukenhof

Where spring flowers such as the daffodil, hyacinth and tulip are central in the flower park, the castle gardens are a unique experience in summer and autumn. The fairy-tale surroundings and the stylish gardens with different summer flowers, such as the Dahlia, let young and old enjoy. On the estate there are also many works of art that stand out beautifully among the ‘blooming’ nature in the castle gardens. The summer flowers bloom from 1 August to mid-October.

Castle Keukenhof Estate Map

The estate of Keukenhof Castle is larger than that of the famous flower park. It consists of different gardens, each with its own appearance. There is also a large forest area where the old dunes are still visible.

plattegrond_kasteel keukenhof
Castle gardens of the Keukenhof Estate

Children’s farm Poelepetaat at Keukenhof

There is also an extensive petting zoo on the estate. The children’s farm in Lisse is located on the square of the monumental Hofboerderij. The old stables have undergone a complete metamorphosis and with their unique location in the beautiful wooded area have become a fantastic meeting place. Everyone, young and old, has the opportunity to come into contact with farm animals in an accessible, attractive way. There are also various playground equipment where children can enjoy themselves. The children’s farm can of course also be visited free of charge.

Events in the Keukenhof Castle Gardens

Different events and festivals are held every year at the Estate. The most famous event is the fantasy festival Castlefest. The Keukenhof Dahlia Days are at the end of August where the estate is entirely devoted to the Dahlia summer flower. Below the agenda:

Lisser Art Museum (LAM)

Keukenhof LAM Museum van der Broek
LAM Lisser Art Museum at Keukenhof Estate

There is also a museum on the estate. The LAM (Lisser Art Museum) opened its doors in the autumn of 2018. The LAM is a place where young and old, with or without knowledge of art are welcome. A place where you can experience visual art. Where you can learn something about art. Playfulness, wonder and open-minded watching: that is what it is all about.

How do you get to Keukenhof Castle?

The Keukenhof Estate is right next to the Keukenhof flower park and can be reached within 30 minutes from the major cities of Amsterdam, Haarlem, The Hague and Leiden.

  • Kasteel Keukenhof
  • Keukenhof 1
  • 2161 AN Lisse
  • info@kasteelkeukenhof.nl


You can park for free on the grounds of the Keukenhof Estate. During events it may be necessary to park in the parking lot of the Keukenhof Flower Gardens. In most cases you will have to pay for parking during events.

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