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The tropical swimming paradise Tikibad in Duinrell is the largest indoor slide paradise in the Netherlands! Especially for the kids <120cm there is the new kids water park Playa and a lovely heated play pool for the little ones. Everyone will have fun in the many water slides and water attractions of the Tikibad. Come and warm up in the Tikibad, the tropical swimming paradise in South Holland!

Pools and slides Tiki Pool

Water park tikibad duinrell holland
Water park tikibad duinrell holland

Swimming is a real experience at Tikibad. Of course there is the size wave pool for swimming, but there is so much more to do at the Tikibad. There are no fewer than 16 different slides with a total of more than 1.3 kilometers of gliding fun and there are many other swimming activities. Below you can see the overview of trench traps that you can expect in the Tiki Pool:

Fast water slides

snelle glijbaan duinrell tikibad
  • Blits | length 80 meters height 14 meters speed 60 km / h | > 1.5 meters <100 kg In this super fast slide you shoot down through the bends and you feel that you barely touch the track.
  • Flits | length 80 meters height 14 meters speed 60 km / h | > 1.50 meters <100 kg Arrow fast you slide down through this steep tube, with crystal-clear pieces that give you the feeling that you are shooting freely through the air.
  • Typhoon | length 86 meters height 15 meters speed 50 km / h | > 1.50 meters <100kg Shoot incredibly fast in a transparent slide tube. You turn into two small ones after one big turn, so you feel the G-forces on your body! A unique experience for everyone who loves speed and adventure.

Family water slides

Groene barracuda tikibad duinrell
  • Green Barracuda Slide | length 110 meters height 14 meters speed 20 km / h | <100kg The first green slide of the Tikibad is one not to be missed. From a height of 20 meters you can slide down for a long time until you plunge down into the bath.
  • Blue Shark Slide | length 110 meters height 14 meters speed 20 km / h | <100kg This cool blue slide for the whole family is one of the first two slides in the Tiki Pool and still a big favorite for young and old. Because of all those bends, 110 meters of glide takes a long time.

Slides with inflating tires

glijbaan met banden tikibad duinrell
  • Moonlight Slide length 150 meters height 16 meters speed 20 km / h | > 1.20m | <100kg On a two-person tire racing through a pitch dark tube with only a bit of starry sky to show you the way. Super exciting! You have no idea when you will change direction or when you will be surprised by a waterfall.
  • Starfright Slide length 150 meters height 16 meters speed 20 km / h | > 1.20m | <100kg Like a falling star, you shoot a dark track on a double-bed. On the way you will be surprised by light flashes and stripes. And who knows, you might encounter an unexpected waterfall.
  • Triton Cone slide length 163 meters height 20 meters > 1.20 meters Step into a double bed and rave of the new triple cone slide Triton. In this super-exciting slide you slide back and forth at high altitudes through three mega-hoppers.

Outdoor water park Tikibad Duinrell

buitenbad tikibad duinrell

During the summer months of June, July and August the large outdoor pool, children’s outdoor pool and sunbathing area are open in good weather. The outdoor pool is completely renovated in the summer of 2019 with new outdoor slides.

Cyclone slide

glijbaan Cycloon duinrell tikibad
  • Cyclone funnel | length 56 meters speed 60-70 km / h | > 1.20m | <100kg swimming certificate required Through a slide, which starts in a 15 meter high tower, you slide down with great speed. Afterwards, you run around the funnel and then plunge into a collection bath. The so-called ‘Catwalk’ is made for visitors who want to watch the cat above the Cyclone.

Short and fast slides

Vrije val glijbanen tikibad duinrell
  • Pelican diving length 4 meters height 7 meters > 1.20m | A very short, steep course with a free fall of a few seconds.
  • Cannon Ball length 6 meters height 2 meters speed 60 km / h | > 1.20m | swimming certificate requirement This job is short and powerful; From the first floor one jumps into a dark hole, is ‘launched’ above the water and literally floats an end through the air.

Lazy river

Lazy river tikibad duinrell
  • Lazy river | length 250 meters height 2.5 meters The Lazy River is still a world first, because it is the first covered Lazy River in the world. The river is partly under the ground. The tour through the Lazy River is equipped with various rapids.

Wave pool Tikibad Duinrell

Golfslagbad tikibad Duinrell

Be surprised by the high waves of the wave pool in the Tiki Pool.

Playa Kids water park

Glijbaan Playa

New in the Tiki Pool: the indoor kids waterpark Playa! Roetsj of the four brand new slides, step under the mega waterfall of the tipping bucket and experience a lot of water fun. In the new kids water park Playa is also a heated play pool. Especially for children from 0 to 3 years!

The slides below are special for children smaller than 1.20 m.

  • Green Flash slide | In this green slide you make a sharp turn to the left.
  • Blue Stripe slide | In this blue slide you make a sharp turn to the right.
  • Hurri’cone | This cone slide is the mini version of the sturdy Triton. Without a belt you slide through a huge funnel.
  • Rapid Run | Raas the three of them next to each other from the slide. Who is first down!

Opening hours Tiki Pool

The swimming pool Tikibad is open every day of the year from 10 am to 10 pm. Depending on the period in the year, the amusement park Duinrell is also open. See the periods below:

  • 1 to 6 January 2019 – Tiki Pool + winter attractions
  • January 25 t / m February 22 – Tiki pool open (closed every Monday)
  • 23 February to 3 March – Tiki Pool + winter attractions (spring break)
  • March 4 t / m March 29 – Tiki Pool open (closed every Monday)
  • 30 March to 31 October – Theme park + Tiki Pool open (21 & 22 October Tina Festival)
  • 1 November to 20 December – Tiki Pool open (in the weekends also the winter attractions)
  • 23, 24, 30 November and 1 December – Sinterklaas in Duinrell (amusement park and Tiki Pool open)
  • 21 t / m December 31 – Tiki Pool + winter attractions

Price and discount Tiki Pool Duinrell

The Tiki Pool is part of the Duinrell theme park. With your ticket for Duinrell you can choose whether or not you want to go to the Tiki Pool. Only Tikibad can also. For this you buy a ticket that is valid from 16:00. You can choose from the following tickets:

  • Tiki bath with date (depending on the date you get up to € 4.55 discount) – from € 17.95 -> buy online
  • Tiki bath without date – € 22.50 per person -> buy online
  • Children up to 2 years of age are free (with ID)

Holidays at Duinrell

Duinrell has a large holiday park where you can enjoy a wonderful holiday.

If you stay overnight at Duinrell during a period between November and March, unlimited access to the tropical Tikibad is included. For stays between April and October, unlimited access to the amusement park is included and you have two hours of free access to the Tiki Pool daily (between 10 am – 2 pm)!

Route & parking

Duinrell is centrally located in the Randstad and easy to reach by car. Navigate to the address Duinrell 1 in Wassenaar and follow the signs to the large parking lot of Duinrell. Parking costs € 10, – for the whole day.

Address Tiki Pool Duinrell

Tips Bollenstreek

Enjoy Holland during your visit of the most beautiful holiday region of the Netherlands. View our tips below and come and enjoy.

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