Bloemenvelden 14 maart 2018

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Starting today, we will post a short message every week about the blossoming of the flower fields in the Bollenstreek. The last few weeks it has been very cold but also very sunny. The flower fields run through the cold about 1 to 2 weeks behind the ‘normal’ bloom.

Yet there is already a little bit of color in the bulb-growing region. The first crosus fields and the first daffodil fields are already in bloom!

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Upcoming weekend there is very cold weather forecast. This will cause the flowering to be delayed for a few days again. As soon as the sun comes through and the temperatures rise, it can quickly go with the blooms of the flowers. Keep an eye on our website and facebook page for the latest updates.


Flower park Keukenhof will open next week. Starting next week we will also give a flowering update on the flowering of the flowers on the flower park.

Flower Map

Curious about what the flower fields look like now? Check the Flower map and see recent photos of various flower fields. The flower map focuses on the flower fields around Keukenhof and is part of the Flower Tour cycling and walking route.

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