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Corona (COVID-19) has had a great impact on tourism activities in Holland. Fortunately, the future looks positive again and the measures in Holland have for the most part been abolished. This means that all activities are open again, events will take place again and it is no longer necessary to keep a distance.

Corona measures in the Netherlands

As of 26 September 2021, the Netherlands has stopped most of the corona measures and, fortunately, a lot is allowed again. There are only a few restrictions left:

  • Advice: Wash your hands regularly, Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow, If you have a cold or fever, stay at home and get tested.
  • Mouth mask: It is only compulsory to wear a mouth mask on public transport and at airports.
  • At indoor restaurants, cinemas, theatres and closed events, it is compulsory to show a QR code (CoronaPas).

Amusement parks, zoos and museums are open

Restrictions on indoor and outdoor attractions are also lifted and people can once again enjoy the best amusement parks, zoos and museums. All day out activities are open again. Also, both indoors and outdoors people do not have to wear a mouth mask anymore. For attractions it is NOT necessary to show a QR Code (Corona Pass). It is possible that you do need a QR Code for a restaurant at an attraction.

Please note! It is often mandatory to reserve your ticket in advance. This can be done at most attractions easily via our website. We have collected the best days out in and around the Bollenstreek.

OpenFace maskQR Code
Amusement ParksYesNoNo
Sightseeing ToursYesNoNo

Hotels, B&Bs and holiday parks are open

All hotels, B&Bs and holiday resorts are open again. There are no restrictions and the facilities such as restaurants and swimming pools are also open again. However, you may have to show a QR Code (Coronapas) at a restaurant.

OpenFace maskQR Code
Holiday resortsYesNoNo

Events continue and restaurants, theatres, cinemas are open

Restaurants, theatres and cinemas are also open. For indoor venues it is still necessary to show a QR code (CoronaPas). Fortunately, the events will also continue. In the agenda, we list the best events in and around the Bollenstreek area.

OpenFace maskQR Code
RestaurantsYesNoOnly inside
Beach clubsYesNoOnly inside

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Can I travel to the Netherlands?

There are still travel restrictions between countries in the world. Because of this, it may not be possible to travel from your destination to the Netherlands or only with a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination certificate. The situation regarding travel restrictions between countries is changing rapidly.

Check the Dutch government’s website for the latest information on travel restrictions.

Is a mouth mask obligatory in the Netherlands?

No, wearing a mouth mask is only compulsory in the Netherlands in public transport and at airports.

Are the restaurants, beach clubs and terraces open

Yes, the restaurants are fully open. However, it is necessary to show a QR Code (Coronapas) inside.

Are the hotels, holiday parks and campsites open?

All accommodations in the Bollenstreek welcome guests. The facilities such as restaurants and swimming pools are also open.

Are the attractions such as museums, amusement parks and swimming pools open?

Yes, all indoor and outdoor locations are open again. It is also no longer necessary to wear a mouth mask in the indoor and outdoor locations. Online reservations are often required.

Are the shopping malls open?

Yes, the shopping malls are open and in the shops you do not need to wear a mouth mask.

Does public transport run?

Yes, public transport runs. However, in the Netherlands it is compulsory to wear a mouth mask in public transport.

  • For current departure and arrival times check 9292.nl

More information on corona

For more information on the coronavirus and tips, visit the RIVM website or the World Health Organization website.

Tips Bollenstreek

Come and enjoy between beach and city and discover Holland from the most beautiful holiday region of the Netherlands. View our tips below.

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