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Corona (COVID-19) has a major impact on tourism and daytrips worldwide. Fortunately, the prospects for 2021 are slowly improving. Because of the lockdown, the flower season in the bulb region looks very different. In this corona update we tell you what you can still do to celebrate spring!

Last update: 24 March 2021 at 09:00. A new update will follow the press conference of the Dutch government on Tuesday 13 April 2021

Current measures in Holland

For the coming months, the measures against the coronavirus will be even more restrictive. The following measures are currently in place in the Netherlands:

MeasuresLockdown until 20 April 2021
RestaurantsClosed (delivery and pick-up allowed)
ShopsShopping at non-essential shops only possible by appointment
Hotels, B&Bs and Holiday resortsOpen (facilities such as restaurants and swimming pools are closed)
Day attractions such as museums, amusement parksClosed
LockdownFrom 21:00 to 4:30 you are not allowed on the streets without a valid reason.

Hygiene rules in the Netherlands

In Holland, the RIVM guidelines are used for all activities. This means that a distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained and special attention must be paid to hygiene.

  • Keep 1.5 metres away from other people
  • Wash your hands regularly;
  • In indoor public places and public transport it is compulsory to wear a mouth mask
  • Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow;
  • If you have a cold, stay at home and get tested
  • If you have a fever, the whole family will stay at home and get tested

What can still be done?

duinkabouterpad langevelderslag Noordwijk
Walking routes in the Bollenstreek (flower region)

At the moment, the urgent advice from the Dutch government is to stay at home. However, if you want to get away from it all in the countryside, there are many possibilities in the Bollenstreek. Of course, the hygiene rules must always be followed. The following activities are still possible:

Impact on the tulip season 2021

The colourful flower fields in Holland are a popular destination for visitors from all over the world every spring. Although the tulips, daffodils and hyacinths will bloom just like any other year, the flower season will look completely different in 2021.

Outdoor activities

Most activities take place in the open air, so the 1.5 metre rule can be easily adhered to. Below, we have indicated per popular attraction/activity which measures we expect. Of course, these measures depend on the situation concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19) at the time of your visit.

Keukenhof flower park and Coronavirus

Keukenhof 2021 Lisse Holland
Keukenhof 2021 Lisse Holland

Although Keukenhof is a walking park, with 15 km of footpaths along blossoming spring flowers, the park may not open on the planned 20 March 2021. This is, of course, a great disappointment for all concerned. Keukenhof has taken many measures to be able to open safely.

Keukenhof flower park opens its doors again in 2021 after almost two years. From Saturday 20 March to 9 May, visitors can enjoy more than 7 million spring flowers. In order to make a visit to Keukenhof in 2021 as safe as possible, Keukenhof has taken the following measures:

  • Maximum number of visitors per day
  • To avoid crowded moments, we work with time slots
  • It is mandatory to reserve your day and time slot in advance. This can be done here
  • The flower park is equipped for the 1.5 metre guideline
  • There is sufficient and clear information for visitors
  • There are extra hygienic measures in the park.
  • There are no guided tours in Keukenhof

As Keukenhof admits a limited number of visitors per day and time slot, it is compulsory to buy your ticket online and at the same time fix your visiting day and time of entry into the flower park.

Entrance ticketNot available
Combiticket (bus+admission ticket)Not available
Boat trip along the tulip fieldsNot available
Bike rentalBook here »

Flower Attractions and Corona

Flower Attractions in Holland

In and around the Bollenstreek (flower region) are great flower attractions that are definitely worth a visit. These flower attractions are on a smaller scale than the Keukenhof flower park. Naturally, these attractions have also taken measures to ensure a safe visit.

  • Maximum number of visitors per day and time slot
  • Advance booking is required
  • The attractions are designed for the 1.5 metre guideline
  • There are additional hygiene measures at the attractions.

For the flower attractions, tickets must also be bought online in advance.

Flower attractions
Tulip farm De TulperijOpen for take-away catering from 1 April
Tulip Experience AmsterdamWill definitely remain closed until 20 April
The Tulip BarnOpen for take-away catering from 20 March
Museum De Zwarte TulpWill definitely remain closed until 20 April
FloriWorld in AalsmeerWill definitely remain closed until 20 April

Bike Routes & Sightseeing Tours and Corona

fietsen keukenhof
Cycling along the flower fields

In the Bollenstreek (flower region), there are many tulip fields and other flower fields to admire in the spring. To visit these flower fields, there are various cycle routes, cycle tours and sightseeing tours available. The cycle routes and tours are also subject to extra measures for a safe visit.

  • Maximum number of visitors per day and time slot for bicycle tours
  • Advance booking is compulsory.
  • The tours are subject to additional hygiene measures.
Cycling routes and tours
Cycle route
Tulip experience route
Book here »
Cycle route Bollenstreek Flower RouteView the free cycle route here »
Guided cycle tour along the Keukenhof highlights + free parkingBook here »
Helicopter flightsNot yet available
Renault Twizy TourNot yet available

Flower Parade Holland and Corona

bloemencorso bollenstreek 2017 lisse noordwijk keukenhof
Flower Parade in Holland

The Flower Parade Holland was planned for Saturday 17 April 2021. Unfortunately, the Flower Parade organisation has had to decide to cancel the big flower parade in 2021. This public event attracts a million visitors each year, and the Corona measures such as 1.5 metres distance cannot be complied with. Fortunately, the tulip fields will bloom as usual and we expect Keukenhof, the flower attractions and the cycle routes and sightseeing tours to continue (with the above measures, of course).

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Can I travel to Holland?

There are many travel restrictions between countries in the world. Because of this, it may not be possible to travel from your destination to the Netherlands or only with a negative COVID-19 test. The situation regarding travel restrictions between countries is changing rapidly.

Check the Dutch government’s website for the latest information on travel restrictions.

Is a mouth mask compulsory in Holland?

Wearing a mouth mask is compulsory in Holland in all public places and public transport.

Can you go to the beach in Holland?

Yes, the beach is even an ideal place to relax. The beach has a lot of space so the 1.5 metres rule is easy to observe. However, when visiting the beach, take into account the possible crowds. Especially on sunny days, some beaches can be very crowded. Therefore, choose quieter beaches and come early or late to the beach.

You can also choose to spend the night near the beach, so that you can walk or cycle to the beach and avoid any traffic jams.

Are the restaurants, beach pavilions and terraces open

No, the restaurants will be closed until 1 April. However, take-away and delivery are permitted.

Can you cycle, walk or sail?

Yes, cycling, walking and sailing are activities where it is easy to keep your distance. Junction networks have been constructed to make it easy to determine and follow your route.

Are group activities allowed?

No, currently you are allowed to be outside with a maximum of 2 people.

Are the hotels, holiday parks and campsites open?

All accommodations in Holland welcome guests. However, the facilities at the accommodations such as restaurants and swimming pools are closed.

Are the attractions such as museums, amusement parks and swimming pools open?

No, until 1 April all museums, swimming pools, amusement parks, cinemas and theatres are closed.

Are the shopping centres open?

Yes, the shopping centres are open. However, all non-essential shops are closed until 1 April

Can you travel by public transport?

Yes, public transport runs. However, in the Netherlands it is compulsory to wear a mouth mask in public transport.

  • For current departure and arrival times check

More information on the coronavirus

For more information on the coronavirus and tips, visit the RIVM website or the World Health Organization website.

Tips Bollenstreek

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