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The corona virus is still in the news every day. After weeks of closings, measures in the Netherlands are becoming increasingly flexible. This means that you can undertake fun and educational activities again and that the accommodations will again welcome guests.

Last update: August 5 at 8:00 am.

In the Netherlands, the RIVM guidelines are used for all activities. This means keeping a distance of 1.5 meters and extra attention to hygiene. Also visits to restaurants. theme parks, museums etc are reserved in advance. Face masks are only required in public transport. For some areas in the major cities (Amsterdam and Rotterdam), it is also compulsory from 5 August to wear a face mask.

Frequently asked questions – FAQ

What are the general corona measures in the Netherlands?

  • Keep 1.5 meters away from other people
  • Wash your hands regularly;
  • Cough and sneeze inside your elbow;
  • You stay at home with colds
  • The whole family stays at home with a fever

Is a face mask mandatory in the Netherlands?

No, a face mask is not mandatory in the Netherlands. Only in public transport is everyone obliged to wear a (non-medical) mask. For some areas in the major cities (Amsterdam and Rotterdam), it is also compulsory from 5 August to wear a face mask.

Can you go to the beach in the Netherlands?

Yes, the beach is even an ideal place to relax completely. the beach has a lot of space, which makes it easy to comply with the 1.5-meter rule. When you visit the beach, keep in mind possible crowds. Especially on summer days it can be very busy at some beaches. Therefore choose the quieter beaches and come to the beach sooner or later.

You can also choose to spend the night near the beach so that you can walk or cycle to the beach and avoid any traffic jams.

The beach clubs and terraces are open

Yes, all beach clubs are open. If you want to eat inside you have to book in advance. The terraces at the beach tents are large, so you do not have to book for them.

Do you really want to enjoy a day at the beach? Then you can also go to the beach pavilions to rent a lounger and windshield on the beach.

Are the restaurants and terraces open?

Yes, restaurants and terraces are open. If you want to dine indoors, you must book in advance. In most cases this is not necessary for the outdoor terrace.

Are you allowed to cycle, walk or sail?

Yes, cycling, walking and sailing are activities that make it easy to keep your distance. Node networks have been installed to easily determine and follow your route.

Are group activities such as company outings allowed again?

Yes, group activities can be undertaken. Whether you are with two or more people. Rent a Solex, electric scooter or book a Twizy tour.

Are the hotels, holiday parks and campsites open?

All accommodations in the Bollenstreek welcome guests from Europe. Many accommodations have nice offers to fill up the many cancellations of the past months as quickly as possible.

Are the attractions and amusement parks open?

Yes, all indoor and outdoor attractions are open. However, all attractions have a limited capacity and it is mandatory to book in advance.

Are the museums open?

Yes, the museums in the Bollenstreek and the surrounding cities are open. Because the museums have a limited capacity, it is necessary to reserve your visit online. Below an overview with our tips for a fun and educational museum visit.

Are the shopping centers open?

Yes. the shopping centers are open. The shop is also open in the centers of the cities around the Bollenstreek. Try to avoid crowds as much as possible.

Are the pools open?

Yes, the indoor and outdoor pools may be open again. Also for the pools applies that a limited capacity is allowed to swim. So book your visit.

Do you use public transport?

Yes, public transport runs again with the ‘normal’ capacity. In the Netherlands it is mandatory to wear a face mask in public transport.

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Will the coronavirus affect the tulip season 2021?

The tulip season in 2021 starts on Saturday March 20 and ends on Sunday May 9, 2021. The flower parade will take place on Saturday April 17, 2021. All activities in the planning take into account different scenarios with regard to the possible measures regarding the corona virus. Most activities are outdoor activities. If there is more information, we will mention it on this page.

More information about the corona virus

For more information about the coronavirus and tips, visit the website of the RIVM or the World Health Organization

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