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The colourful landscape of the Bollenstreek (flower region) is unique in the world. The blooming daffodils, hyacinths and, of course, tulips attract visitors from all over the world. The flowers do not only bloom in spring. Many colourful flowers can also be admired in summer during the Dahlia Festival. See on our Flower Map whether the bulb fields and show gardens are already blooming. Read our bloom forecast and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates on the blooming flowers.

How does the Flower Map work?

With the Flower Map below, you can easily see whether the bulb fields in the Netherlands are already in bloom. From the beginning of March until the beginning of May, we update the photos of the flower fields every week. During the tulip season from 21 March to 12 May 2024, you will find the most beautiful flower fields on the Flower Map.

Please note | The flower fields with a green icon are production fields that you are NOT allowed to enter. The flowers and bulbs will break if you enter the field. The flower fields are the grower’s own property. The grower suffers economic losses by breaking the flowers and bulbs. Looking and taking photos at the edge is no problem, but entering the flower field is forbidden! If you want to take photos among the flowers, look at one of the flower attractions, recognisable by the yellow icons.

Cycle route | Bollenstreek Flower Route

The Flower Map shows the Bollenstreek Flower Route. This 35-kilometre cycle route is the ideal way to enjoy spring and summer. Of course, you will pass many flower fields, but you will also see the beautiful dunes and the lovely beach. In summer, the Flower Route makes it easy to cycle past the most beautiful dahlia show gardens.

What do the icons mean?

On the map you will see different icons with different colours. Below you can see what each icon means:

Flower map bollenveldenProduction field | Do NOT enter these flower fields.
Only take photos along the side of the flower field.
Flower Map bloemenattractiesFlower attractions | Take the most beautiful photos among flowers.
Click on the icon for more information.
Bicycle, scooter hire & tours
Parking area
Hotels, B&Bs and holiday parks

Flower Map 2024

Below is the Flower Map. From March to the beginning of May, we update the photos of the flower fields every week. From August to mid-October the most beautiful dahlia show gardens are on the Flower Map.

Tips Bollenstreek

Come and enjoy between beach and city and discover Holland from the most beautiful holiday region of the Netherlands. View our tips below.

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