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The designs of the floats for the 2024 Flower Parade are known. There is no overarching theme in 2024 so the design team have had a free hand in designing the floats.

Elephant festival |Corso group KAVB Hillegom-Haarlem e.o.

Flower parade 2024 float KAVB Hillegom

Every year, it is a great challenge for our corso group to create a beautiful float.

For ourselves and for our volunteers, but especially for everyone who loves flowers and the Bulb Region. For years, our corso group has made a float where animals play a leading role. With Elephant festival, we make a grand float with many colours and beautiful arrangements, which are integrated into the design.

  • In India, the elephant is National Heritage.
  • In certain religions, the elephant is considered a sacred animal, such as in Thailand and India.
  • In Hinduism, the elephant is the symbol of strength, of wisdom, of royal dignity and power.
  • In Buddhism, the elephant symbolises patience, love and goodness.
  • In countries like Sri Lanka, festivals are even held in honour of the elephant.

Arranger: Michael van Namen
Corso group KAVB Hillegom Haarlem

Magical dream world | Municipality of Lisse

Flower parade 2024 float Municipality of Lisse

Anyone who follows the news knows that there is a lot going on in the world at the moment; a climate crisis, wars in various parts of the world, and increased inflation as the icing on the cake. So how nice is it to dream away in a magical world and escape from reality, even for a short while?

The theme of this year’s Lisse parade float is ‘Magical Dream World’, allowing viewers young and old to briefly immerse themselves in a fantasy world full of magic. The unicorn, traditionally a mythical figure, symbolises purity and faithfulness. Together with the rainbow, which stands for hope, peace and comfort, these fascinating creatures form a beautiful dream world. As a kind of bright spot in difficult times, a promise of a new beginning, because ‘behind the clouds the sun always shines’. After all, just one ray of sunshine can turn a dark rainstorm into a brilliant rainbow; let’s join hands and hope for a bright future together!

Arranger: Karin Pasman
Scouting group Shawano’s Lisse

Changing Colors | Corsogroep KAVB Noordwijkerhout

Arranger Angelique Beijk has drawn two impressive chameleons. With piercing eyes, they will both turn on and check the audience. Today a sneak peek. During the parade, Changing Colors with its colourful character will fully blossom.

Arrangeur: Angelique Beijk in collaboration with Shauny de Groot
Stekersgroep: Corsogroep KAVB Noordwijkerhout

Our Rescuers | Municipality of Noordwijk

An ode to the brave and amazing volunteers who stand by for the safety of our residents and visitors 24 hours a day, in all weathers, at night and at night.

Arrangeur: Nicky Markslag
Stekersgroep: Zwemvereniging de Watervrienden Lisse

De Bollenjongens – Municipality of Hillegom

The Bulb Boys tell the story of our Bulb Region. For example, two of the Bulb Boys work in a nursery in beautiful Hillegom.

These young entrepreneurs represent the bulb and flower-growing profession. They give an insight into what is involved in growing a bulb into a flower. Old techniques are used but also new ones are highlighted. They also think about the future and, in particular, sustainable growing within the profession.

A wonderful TV series about the bulb boys was made and can still be watched via the website

During the design process, ideas soon arose about a tool they had been using for decades when growing: the tractor. This will be the front carriage, that was clear. The rear vehicle was trickier. After all, how do you portray the Bulb Boys? Finally, the great input came to portray the Bollenjongens as figures. Using the techniques of the past and the present.

Arrangeur: Marlene van de Ploeg
Stekersgroep Scouting Lisser Kaninefaten

Teylingen Grows and Blooms | Municipality of Teylingen

A wagon full of symbolism, centred on the young child referring to new life and the future. The fantasy tree symbolises strength and growth, the water around it represents connection, and the many flowers represent life, happiness and love. Finally, the birds, symbolising nature, freedom and peace; a fact taken for granted by many people in the Netherlands, but certainly not taken for granted. Let’s hope the new generation takes good care of our earth!

‘The Municipality of Teylingen is growing and thriving’, a theme that is all the more relevant this year with no fewer than two new housing estates under construction!

Teylingen fulfils sustainable promises in the fields of circularity, biodiversity, energy, climate and health, which are expressed, among other things, in the development of the new residential areas De Bloementuin in Sassenheim and Nieuw-Boekhorst in Voorhout. In a place where there is now only pasture, new life will soon literally be created where young people start their families and where young trees and plants grow into mature greenery.

Youth is the future. We see that all too clearly here in the Municipality of Teylingen, with a younger generation doing everything in its own way yet all too eager to contribute, think and participate. And that starts at a young age, by showing them that they belong and that they have a valuable place in society.

That is why schoolchildren from two primary schools have been given the chance to literally become part of Teylingen’s corso wagon this year by sticking part of the wagon. Because involving youth in society, you can’t start early enough!

Arrangeur: Jeroen Kip in collaboration with Theatre Teylingen
Stekersgroep: Volkstuinvereniging “Elsgeest” Voorhout

Haarlem nature flourishes | Municipality of Haarlem

With this float, the municipality of Haarlem shows that there is a lot to see and experience in Haarlem’s nature. The float shows what you can encounter in the green areas in and around the city. The beginning of spring is celebrated every year with the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek. We end the winter period and celebrate being able to go outside again. The light is getting longer again, the flowers are coming out and colour is coming back into the forests. In short; new life!

Arrangeur: Ernst van Woerkom en Johan Martens
Stekersgroep: Honk- en Softbal Vereniging The Flags Lisse

Colourful World   | Van der Valk Hotels Sassenheim, Noordwijk, Haarlem & Schiphol

Our world consists of contrasts……Situations in our world are often seen only in black and white, while it can also be seen from another more colourful angle. The colourful world on the float focuses on ‘playing together’. This colourful happy animal world lives in harmony with each other and the colours add to the sparkling positive energy. ‘Colourful interplay’ is indispensable in our society! Who doesn’t want a little cheerfulness and colour in our world?

You pay attention to dynamics, design, use of materials and colours. You will also ensure that the lighting, music and the figure & act match and are attuned to the theme, creating a matching overall picture. Here, the organisation, the client: Van der Valk, the Stekersvereniging and the entertainment are an important link. Let’s not forget the people behind the scenes such as the wagon builders (welders, foamers, wrappers) who also play a very important role in the whole! All aspects together as a whole form one whole!”

Arrangeur: Judith de Frankrijker
Stekersgroep: Voetbalvereniging ForeholteVoorhout

Water sports province | Province of North Holland

Noord-Holland is the place for water sports enthusiasts! The North Sea, the IJsselmeer and the countless lakes and canals make Noord-Holland unique. Whether you want to surf, wind surf or swim in open water, you will find the perfect spot here. And sailing in your electric sloop, sailing boat or canoe, the Dutch landscape is also a beautiful backdrop; full of green polders, picturesque villages and towns. The province of North Holland wants residents to enjoy water sports and invests in water sports and water recreation facilities.

Arrangeur: Inge Quint
Stekersgroep: Muziekvereniging St. Cecilia Voorhout

Keukenhof 75 Year | Keukenhof

Flower exhibition Keukenhof will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2024. A festive season with an exhibition Keukenhof 75 years, an anniversary concert with the Metropole Orchestra and many other activities. Since 1949, a large number of people have worked with enthusiasm to build the flower exhibition into what it is today: a worldwide phenomenon. The artwork ‘horse and rider’ and the Keukenhof mill, donated by the Holland America Line, have been iconic photo spots in the park since the first decade and therefore deserve a place of honour on the festive float. Jacoba of Bavaria greets all spectators, she has been a symbol figure for the flower exhibition since its first opening.

Arrangeur: Astrid Lankhuizen
Stekergroep: Scouting Graaf van Lynden Lisse

Diversity | Rabobank Bollenstreek

Dancing butterflies. Big and small, colourful and each with their own unique story. Moving in a world where each individual can and may spread her most colourful wings. That is what Rabobank also strives for; to be a colourful, diverse and inclusive organisation for both employees and customers. Because, the more diverse and colourful we are, the better we can understand and help our customers. Growing a better world together.

Arrangeur: Christa Snoek
Stekersgroep: Kindervakantiedagen Lisserbroek

Flower robots | Crowdfunding action

Ever since he was born, Lucas Terra, has been involved in the corso. His father, Koen, does a lot of the technical drawings for the corso floats and his mother, Caroline, has been involved in staking the wagon of the KAVB Hillegom Haarlem for almost 20 years.

This year, when a design was allowed to be made for a wagon that would be crowdfunded, Koen asked Lucas what he would put on a corso wagon if he were in charge. Without batting an eyelid, he said, “A robot with flowers!”

The board thought this was a great idea, also because this can visualise the connection between technology and the flowers, and because Lucas is a good representative of the target audience that comes to watch the parade.

Koen made a few quick sketches and Lucas got to choose.

As far as Lucas is concerned, the final design will not be complete until all three robots are on it, but he is dead proud that at least there will be a car he came up with the idea for. He can hardly wait to see it drive in real life.

Arrangeur: Koen Terra en Jolanda de Goede
Stekersgroep: Eurokoor Nederland, Leiden & Carnavalsvereniging De Vikings, Noordwijkerhout

SpongeBob 25 years | Nickelodeon

A shining icon for 25 years, SpongeBob has delighted generations with his irresistible charm and optimism. A cheerful resident of Bikini Crook, he has not only captured the hearts of children but also inspired adults with his timeless humour and resilience. His iconic presence is a celebration of enduring joy and positivity in the world of entertainment. SpongeBob’s unforgettable journey is made even more special by his loyal friends: the ever-optimistic Patrick and his pet, the thoughtful sea slug Gary. Together, they are the colourful cast of characters at the heart of SpongeBob’s adventures. Their mutual friendship highlights the power of being together and makes SpongeBob an icon that stands not only for humour, but also for the value of friendship and diversity.

In honour of SpongeBob’s 25th anniversary, Nickelodeon decided to choose him as its “float theme”.

Arrangeur: Mirande ter Voorde
Stekersgroep: Handbalvereniging Foreholte

Venetian Masked Ball | Corso Group de Zilk

Venetian masks are known for their explosions of colour and festive atmosphere for their sophisticated designs. The masks are eye-catching and add a mystical element to parties. We add a touch of Venice to the traditions in De Zilk where everyone comes together and enjoys all celebrations.

Arrangeur: Typisch Tien Bloemwerk
Steekwerk: Corsogroep De Zilk

Bridge of Connection – Chinese Cultural Centre

We built a bridge….We built a bridge….

With this bridge, we want to show the connection between China and the Netherlands to the general public. The powerful bond between the two countries are highlighted by this bridge. The bridge of connection. The panda and the cow are the symbols and may represent these two beautiful countries. Not only nature, culture, but also trade are the things we can appreciate so much about each other. And this we like to show to you with this wagon.

A young panda and little calf walk up the bridge to find this connection again and again with each other, because this is how we can move into the future together. He who has the youth has the future.

With a dragon dance, we celebrate this beautiful moment together. One bridge of appreciation and recognition. One bridge to the future. Let us continue to build and trust.

Arrangeur: Pascal Zijlmans
Signature: Music Association Da Capo

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