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The designs of the floats for the 2024 Flower Parade will be presented in March 2024. There is no overarching theme in 2024 so the design team have had a free hand in designing the floats.

Please note that below are the designs of the 2023 edition. We will announce the designs for the 2024 Flower Parade here in March 2024.

African waterhole |Corsogroep KAVB Hillegom-Haarlem e.o.

Bloemencorso 2023 praalwagen KAVB Hillegom
Flower parade 2023 float KAVB Hillegom

Africa with its beautiful landscapes, magnificent wildlife and wild animals. Water is vital there against the scorching heat of the burning sun. To quench their thirst, all the animals flock to the waterhole. Lazily, the lion lies on its high rock and looks contentedly at the unsuspecting paddling flamingos. The hippos find refreshment in the deeper part of the pool. The animals also find refuge in the shade of the trees.

Arranger: Michael van Namen in cooperation with Koen Terra and Ron Nieuwenhuizen
Corso group KAVB Hillegom Haarlem

Lion of Lisse | Municipality of Lisse

Flower parade 2023 float Municipality of Lisse

As long ago as 1816, the coat of arms of Lisse featured a blue lion with a big red tongue sticking out of its mouth against a bright yellow background. On this float, the lion is inflated to mythical proportions. He stirs the spectators’ imagination as he waits patiently for what is to come. The heralds accompanying him announce the latest news. Even today, the lion’s head still adorns the logo of Lisse municipality.

Arranger: Karin Pasman
Scouting group Shawano’s Lisse

Racing Rabbit | Corsogroep KAVB Noordwijkerhout

The year 2023 is the year of the rabbit, according to Chinese astrology. Among other things, the rabbit represents luck. On our float, a rabbit races towards happiness. This is how we express the enthusiasm with which we will participate in the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek again this year. And speaking of luck, the rabbit’s favourite colours are exactly the fresh colours of our blooming spring flowers! Of course, that can’t be a coincidence.

Arrangeur: Angelique Beijk in collaboration with Shauny de Groot
Stekersgroep: Corsogroep KAVB Noordwijkerhout

Proeftuin Noordwijk | Gemeente Noordwijk

‘Proeftuin Noordwijk’ presents healthy vegetables from the region grown with respect for people, animals and soil. Already in the 17th century, our region was known as ‘the garden of Holland’ because of the versatile and abundant yields of the land. Guests’ mouths water when they see what succulent and sustainably grown produce the service puts on the table. The chef has gone out of his way to cook the meal with positive impact on the environment.

Arrangeur: Nicky Markslag
Stekersgroep: Zwemvereniging de Watervrienden Lisse

Celebrate Spring – Municipality of Hillegom

Celebrate Spring is the brand-new primal Dutch festival taking place in Hillegom in a setting of blooming tulip fields. We can celebrate spring together like no other in the Bollenstreek. And we share that joy with the whole world. Celebrating life with each other, people, animals, music and flowers. DJ-DJEFF plays his recognisable tunes not only at the festival but also from this wagon. These colourful animals are already swinging to his rousing music.

Arrangeur: Marlene van de Ploeg
Stekersgroep Scouting Lisser Kaninefaten

Countess of Holland | Municipality of Teylingen

Proudly, the Countess of Holland, Jacoba of Bavaria, looks out over the colourful Bollenstreek from Slot Teylingen, where she spent the last period of her short turbulent life. After her fierce struggle for power in Holland and Zeeland, she sings of her longing, dressed in an elegant billowing gown. ‘Love Who I Am’ was composed especially for the performance ‘The Countess of Holland’. The lighthearted flowers make this exciting design as conversational as Jacoba herself.

Arrangeur: Jeroen Kip in collaboration with Theatre Teylingen
Stekersgroep: Volkstuinvereniging “Elsgeest” Voorhout

Café Nightlife | Gemeente Haarlem

Haarlem’s lively nightlife radiates from the float ‘Café Nightlife’. Against the backdrop of the striking St Bavo church, the merry nightlife takes place. Haarlem is not only a city full of historical buildings. There is also entertainment for young and old in the cosy pubs, cafés and theatres. While the DJ plays his music, dancers whirl on and around the dance floor. A contemporary interpretation of a vibrant city performed in the flowers in which the city owes its nickname.

Arrangeur: Ernst van Woerkom en Johan Martens
Stekersgroep: Honk- en Softbal Vereniging The Flags Lisse

Fantasy World  | Van der Valk Hotels Sassenheim & Schiphol

We live in a time when nothing is what it seems. A time full of uncertainties, discontent, changes. It is a relief to escape reality for a while. Grab the freedom to dream away, fantasise and create your own beautiful world! Fantasy World is a float of dynamic colourful fantasy flowers and fantasy plants. An adventurous world where colour, atmosphere and experience contribute to a positive mix of joy, power and energy. Fuel for real life.

Arrangeur: Judith de Frankrijker
Stekersgroep: Voetbalvereniging ForeholteVoorhout

Connecting North Holland’s nature | Province of North Holland

In the North Holland dunes, there are more and more nature links, such as ecoducts. This creates a larger continuous habitat, allowing plants and animals to spread and reproduce better. They have a better chance of survival and biodiversity increases. From the viewing hut you can admire the animals, such as birds and wisents.

Arrangeur: Inge Quint
Stekersgroep: Muziekvereniging St. Cecilia Voorhout

Keukenhof estate | Keukenhof

In the middle of the Bollenstreek, between the forests and flower fields, lies the Keukenhof estate. World-famous is the Keukenhof flower exhibition located here. Four damsels who took up residence in the castle put this hidden gem of the estate in the spotlight for a while. The last owner, Jan Carel Elias Count van Lynden, grandson of Baroness Cornelia Johanna van Pallandt, left castle and estate to the Keukenhof Castle Foundation. It is of course no coincidence that the plug group of this carriage bears the name of the last count.

Arrangeur: Kees Tak
Stekergroep: Scouting Graaf van Lynden Lisse

Green Energy | Rabobank Bollenstreek

Switching to other energy sources together. This must be done at a rapid pace because we are burdening the earth too much with our old behaviour. Here, five people show what they are doing to help the environment and live more sustainably. Have you already thought about the possibilities of solar panels, a heat pump or insulation for your home? Or looked at what electrification of the company’s vehicle fleet would bring? By working together, we get further and can quickly replace fossil fuel with renewable energy.

Arrangeur: Christa Snoek
Stekersgroep: Kindervakantiedagen Lisserbroek

Connection | Vrienden van het Bloemencorso

Flowers from the four friends’ packages adorn this float. Thanks in part to the many friends, the Bloemencorso Bollenstreek can continue its time-honoured tradition and develop it into the future. Particularly connecting with sustainable trends and involving young people are relevant themes. The friends reach out their hands to the Bloemencorso and the many volunteers who roll up their sleeves every year to get all this beauty from Noordwijk to Haarlem.

Arrangeur: Astrid Lankhuizen
Stekersgroep: Lissesche IJsclub

Lisse 825 years | Municipality of Lisse

Lisse has been a vibrant community for 825 years. Since 1198, Lissers have been enriching the village by building, sharing, feeding, celebrating, believing and thriving together. And of course they do a whole lot more. Then, now and in the future! Associations, municipality and other organisations, together with entrepreneurs and schools, provide lots of great moments to share. Thus, 2023 will be a year of connecting, meeting, moving, sports, learning, entrepreneurship… and above all of having fun.

Arrangeur: Karin Pasman
Stekersgroep: Muziekvereniging Da Capo Lisse

Parrot’s paradise, the Hyacinth macaws | Corsogroep de Zilk

With these beautiful and special Hyacinthara’s, this float pays tribute to the main flower of Bloemencorso Bollenstreek. It is no coincidence that they bear the same name. For the habitat of both is threatened by encroaching humans. Experience the beauty of the landscape through the eyes of this largest flying parrot species. With its social, intelligent, playful and loyal behaviour, these birds are an inspiration to all volunteers of the parade. Together, they share the love of flowers with the public.

Arrangeur: Typisch Tien Bloemwerk
Steekwerk: Corsogroep De Zilk

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