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The world famous Flower Parade Haarlem Bollenstreek will be driving again from Noordwijk to Haarlem on Saturday 20 April. Come and enjoy this typically Dutch spectacle. Read all about the route of the Flower Parade 2024 here.

Route Flower Parade Bollenstreek

But where is the best time to view the Corso. Do you choose a quiet part of the route or do you prefer a busier part of the route. The busier areas are often in the centers of villages and towns. A popular part is at the boulevard of the Keukenhof flower park. Extra entertainment can also be seen along this part of the route. Below is the full route of the Corso that will run on April 20, 2024. The route is still subject to change.

Route Bloemencorso 2023
Route Bloemencorso 2024

Below is the route with more detail. Go to the Flower Parade well in advance because a lot of crowds are expected and many roads will be closed for the Flower Parade.

Start location: Noordwijk

Between 8 and 9, the parade is set up on Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard 08.00
Starting point: Roundabout Picképlein – Huis ter Duinstraat09.10
Roundabout Duinweg – Van Panhuysstraat09.35
Roundabout Van Panhuysstraat – Weteringkade09.45
Roundabout Weteringkade – Zeestraat09.50
Roundabout Heilige Geestweg – Gooweg10.00
Van Berckelweg – Viaduct N20610.25
Van Berckelweg – Leidsevaart10.30


Leidsevaart entra KTS 10.50


Roundabout oosthoutlaan – Rijksstraatweg11.50
Grandstand Tennishal de Klinkenberg11.55
Hoofdstraat – Warmonderweg (A44) 12.05
Hoofdstraat – Party Centrum De Oude Tol14.00
Roundabout Sassenheim Noord14.20


Roundabout 2e Poellaan ( de Engel)14.50
de Loft – Grandstand Lisse Centre15.05
Gemeentehuis Lisse15.20
Dorpsplein ‘t Vierkant 15.25
Westelijke Randweg | Bloemenpark Keukenhof15.45


Leidsestraat (N207)16.30
Grandstand Hillegom17.00
RotondeWeeresteinstraat / Pastoorslaan / Oude Weerlaan 17.30


Rijksstraatweg-Bennebroekerdreef 18.00
Entrance Linnaeushof 18.15
PAUSE at Europe’s largest playground:Linnaeushof


Please note that the Flower Parade 2024 route in Heemstede is not yet final.

Herenweg – Prinsenlaan19.40
Herenweg – ingang Groenendaal20.00
Herenweg – Van Merlenlaan20.15
Van Merlenlaan – Raadhuisstraat20.25
Binnenweg (centre)20.35
Binnenweg – Lanckhorstlaan20.50

Eindpunt: Haarlem

Lanckhorstlaan – Herenweg (N208)21.05
Houtplein – Gasthuisvest21.35
Turfmarkt – Gedempte Oude Gracht21.50
Gedempte Oude Gracht – Raaks22.00
Exhibiting on the Nassaulaan –
Gedempte Oude Gracht.

Hotel during the Flower Parade weekend

The Illuminated Flower Parade is part of the Corsoweek Bulb Region. During this week there are many events in and around the Bollenstreek. It is therefore an ideal period to plan a weekend or week of vacation. There is a wide choice of hotels and b&b’s available from which you can easily follow the events in the Corso week. The hotels along the beach and at the flower fields are popular. With children it is also wonderful to stay in one of the holiday parks. Below some tips:

Tips voor een bezoek aan de bloemen van Nederland

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